SM'ART Seminar on Matroids
in Algebra, Representation theory and Topology

Borel Seminar 2016, January 24-29, Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

Description The interaction between matroid theory and other areas of mathematics has recently seen major progress on several fronts. This doctoral school will offer early-career researchers exposure to areas of matroid theory that delve into algebra, topology and geometry, giving an opportunity to gain background for research in these areas and to interact with leading experts.

Lectures - click on the title in order to display the abstract.
Laura Anderson (SUNY Binghamton) -
Combinatorial models for the real and complex Grassmannians
Alex Fink (Queen Mary London) -
Tropical Grassmannians
June Huh (Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton U, Clay Mathematical Institute) -
Hodge theory for combinatorial geometries
Matteo Varbaro (Genova) -
Commutative algebra of Stanley-Reisner rings
Felipe Rincòn (Oslo) -
Positroids and the positive Grassmannian
Geordie Williamson (MPI Bonn) -
An introduction to the geometry of Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
Preparatory lessons will take place Sunday afternoon in a meeting room of the Hôtel Les Sources.
Lesson I - Matroids (Emanuele Delucchi), 15:15 -- 16:30.
Lesson II - Commutative Algebra (Ivan Martino), 17:00 -- 18:15

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Anderson Anderson Williamson Huh Williamson
10:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
10:20 Varbaro Varbaro Fink Rincón Huh
11:20 Williamson Fink Rincón Williamson Rincón
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
15:15 -
- 16:30
Preparation I
(Oriented) Matroids
17:00 -
- 18:15
Preparation II
Commutative Algebra
17:15 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
18:00 Anderson Varbaro Fink Huh
19:15 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

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    • Slides of the lecture can be downloaded here .
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Participation in the seminar The seminar's venue has a limited capacity. We invite applications from interested participants to be submitted by e-mail by October 5th, 2015 [Click for details]

Travel directions The venue of the seminar can be comfortably reached by public transportation. [Click for details]